Chow Chow - Designer Crew Socks


It’s always fun choosing novelty socks because often they’re like a little secret part of your wardrobe that only you know about. Our dog breed socks are so cute and fun, you’ll want to show them off to everyone you know.

These high-quality socks are designed for your comfort and have a solid background and contrasting heel and toe colors. The best part is the all over print of tiny little dogs in the breed of your choice. Socks like these make great gifts for anyone you know that has a big soft spot for their furry friends.

• 75% Spun Polyester, 22% Nylon & 3% Elastane
• 200 Needle Premium Socks
• Incredible Stretch
• Fits all US sizes from Women 5 up to Men 12

The perfect gift or present for every dog lover & dog mom 💕🐕

Due to the huge product variety, almost all products are going into production to be passionately handmade and printed immediately on your order placement.

Processing Time
Orders are processed withing 2-7 business days

"Made in US" products: Usually within 1 week, for $3.95
All other products: 1-2 weeks, for $3.95

International Shipping
International shipping takes  2-3 weeks, for $4.95

On busy seasons shipping can take up to 1 week longer. Sadly, we have no control over delays and other delivery problems, but we always recommend to reach out to shipping companies for more details of your specific case.
Most products are made on demand and are shipped either from our CN, PH or US fulfillment center.

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